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Buy from any European store to your doorstep in Lebanon!

Make use of your free UK Address Now. Once you Create an Account on our Website, you will receive an address in the Uk for Free.

With iShip’s Presence in the Uk you will Now have the Opportunity to Shop & Ship from ALL European, English and nearby originated stores that you previously didn’t have access too.

The time Frame from the UK to Lebanon takes up to 8 Days only and the procedure is simple. Once your order has been made you simply have to send us the order confirmation from the store and wait for iShip to Contact you!


And that’s only in… THREE easy steps!

1. Choose your items

Go to your favorite European store and choose your items

2. Copy the link(s)

Copy the link(s) to the pages of your products, example: www.lafayette.com/produit/xyz

3. Submit a request

Submit a Buy For Me Request on iShip with the links of your selected products


Alternatively, you can create an account on your European store, Add items to your Cart, then send us your Account Username, we will purchase from your account using our credit cards and Paypal account.

If you have a credit card and prefer to purchase yourself

1. Get your European iShip Address
2. Copy your iShip address
3. Proceed to check-out and enter your iShip address
4. Declare your order to iShip
5. 10 to 15 days later, you will receive your parcel